Fotona 4D Laser Tightening and Wrinkle Reduction for Skin Around the Eyes

Fotona 4D is a technology which utilizes 2 types of lasers (Nd:YAG and Er:YAG) to transmit heat into each layer of skin around the eyes. 

The technique consists of the following 4 stages
  1. Deep Care – An internal tightening and reduction of bags underneath the eyes.
  2. Brightening – A reduction in the dullness caused by pigmentation on the outside of the bags underneath the eyes.
  3. Super Lifting – Stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, thus helping to tighten up the slack in the skin around the eyes.
  4. Anti-wrinkle – Stimulating the damaged cells to ensure that the wrinkles around the eyes fade away.
Once an assessment of the problems and a detailed evaluation of the patient have been carried out, the medical team will proceed through the following steps:
  • An anesthetic will be administered and eye shields will be fixed in place.
  • The doctor will then assess the eyes. If there is an issue with the bags under the eyes, the doctor will initially target the internal tissue with the laser. However, if no problems are found to be affecting the bags under the eyes, the doctor will begin by: 
          - Lasering to freshen and brighten up the skin around the eyes – 3 times.
          - Lasering to tighten and firm the skin around the eyes – 3 times.
          - Lasering to reduce wrinkles around the eyes – 2 times.
  • The doctor will then remove the eye shields and administer anti-inflammatory medication together with medication to prevent infection. Finally, the doctor will once again assess the state of the patient’s eyes before allowing him or her to return home.
The number of treatments a patient may require depends on the results of each individual treatment. For best results, treatment should be carried out 4–6 times at intervals of 2–4 weeks (depending on the condition of the skin around the eye of the patient). For long-lasting effects, repeat treatments can be carried out annually.
Patients who are self-conscious about bags underneath the eyes, dullness around the eyes, sagging of the skin around the eyes, wrinkles around the eyes, and crow’s feet but do not wish to undergo invasive surgery, inject fillers, or have Botox injections.
Patients do not need to make any special preparations. Remove any make-up and creams from the face before the treatment.
  • Carried out by specialists in ophthalmology
  • The treatment leaves no marks or scarring, and once completed, patients may return home immediately
  • The only slight discomfort you may feel is a little heat in the skin around the eyes during treatment
After laser treatment, eyelids may become swollen or a little redness may occur. However, these symptoms disappear after a few hours. Potential side effects include infections or corneal abrasions, but the chances of these occurring are minimal. Those who are unsuitable for this type of treatment are people with, for example, eye conditions such as chronic eye dryness or cornea conditions, those with eye infections, and those with eye tissue inflammation.
It is advised that patients use eye drops to reduce any eye dryness that may result from laser treatment. Patients are able to lead normal lives and use cosmetics as they normally would. However, direct sunlight should be avoided and sun cream should be applied when necessary.

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