Admissions and Occupancy

A guide to ensure that your stay is comfortable

When you stay at Bumrungrad, you are taken care of by a professional team of staff and nurses who are an expert in addressing your specific needs. We are dedicated to making your patient stay a smooth and exceptional experience.  


Pre-admission Procedure 

Patients, including medical travelers, can only be admitted to Bumrungrad International Hospital upon a physician’s recommendation. All patients are first brought into Admission Office for registration and more information regarding reserved accommodation and scheduled treatments. Click here to learn more


During the admission process, patients will be informed of the following: 

  • Types of inpatient rooms 

  • Pricing of the inpatient rooms, services and daily meals (to be paid on the day of discharge)  

  • The estimated cost of operation and procedure 

  • Deposits 

  • Various modes of payment accepted 

  • Contract company 

  • Permission to leave the hospital 

  • Policy regarding guests staying overnight with the patient 

  • Information on infection control, prevention and patient safety 

  • Child delivery 

  • Policy regarding procedures, medication and treatments at the hospital 

  • Inpatient nutritional plans 

  • Valuables and safety box 

  • Loss and damage policy of hospital property 

  • Equipment and tools to be employed in the hospital 

  • Information on visas and possible extensions 


Admission Time 

Patients can check-in anytime depending on the physician’s recommendation and the patient’s scheduled procedure(s). The room charges, services and meal plans will be effective on the first day of admission until 12 pm on the next day. 


Contact Admission Office 

7 am to 8 pm: Upon arrival at the hospital, please proceed to the second floor of the Main Hospital Building to check-in and sign the Application and Consent for Hospital Admission. 

8 pm to 7 am: Upon arrival at the hospital, please contact the registration desk at the emergency room on the ground floor of the Main Hospital Building to check-in and sign the Application and Consent for Hospital Admission. 


What to Bring 

  • Identification card and/or passport 

  • Any proof of medical insurance or benefits such as a letter of guarantee from your insurance company, employer or embassy 


This is only applicable for insurance companies, employers and embassies which have a contract agreement with Bumrungrad. 


Hospital Services and Facilities 

To ensure a restful stay, Bumrungrad provides a range of facilities and services for the comfort and convenience of our patients and their visitors. Click here to learn more about our hospital services and facilities.  


Telephone Services 

Bedside telephones are available in all inpatient rooms. 

  • To call a local mobile phone, dial 9 and then the mobile phone number. 

  • To make a three-digit and four-digit number call, dial 9 and then the three-digit and four-digit number. 

  • To make a perimeter call, dial 9, 02 and then the phone number. 

  • To make an up-country call, dial 9, the area code and then the phone number. 

  • To make an overseas call, dial 9, 001, the country code, the area code and then the phone number. 


Room Entertainment 

Television: The inpatient room is equipped with a television, showing free-to-air television channels, a variety of entertainment shows and sports games. 

Internet access: High-speed Internet will be accessible with a unique password that is given upon check-in. 


Meal Services 

Inpatient meals: To ensure that all our patients receive proper nutritional value under our physician’s recommendation, patients are encouraged to only consume the food provided by the hospital. Our dietetic services will take the patient’s procedure into consideration and present freshly cooked meals that are best for their health condition. 

Dining options: A range of dining options is available for patients, family members and friends in the Main Hospital Building of Bumrungrad. Most of these restaurants will deliver directly to the patient’s room with a simple phone call. Click here to learn more


Other Services 

Housekeeping: Every patient room is cleaned daily by our housekeeping team. You can inform our ward nurses of any specific needs or requirements. 

Newspaper: Every morning, the local newspaper will be delivered to your room. 

Maintenance requests: If you find anything is faulty, please inform our ward nurses to prepare for a repairment. 

Security: There is an in-room electronic safe box, which we encourage patients to use for depositing valuables.  

Fire safety: The hospital has an automatic fire alarm system. 

No smoking: Smoking is prohibited by law on all hospital grounds. 

Parking: Our car parking lot is open 24 hours a day. 


Nursing Services 

For our patient’s safety and convenience, there is a nursing call handset by your bed, connecting you to our nursing staff 24 hours a day. There are also call bells located in the bathroom. Our team of nurses and staff are always happy to assist. 


Patient attendant: For patient attendant services, please contact ward nurses for more information. Once requested and approved, we will allocate a patient attendant or nursing assistant to the room.   


Visiting Guide 

At Bumrungrad, we believe that family members and friends play an important role in the patient’s recovery process. We encourage visitors to drop by and keep the patient company under these simple housekeeping rules, which only apply to patients staying at regular wards. Patients staying in private single room can welcome visitors 24 hours. 


Visiting the Regular Ward 

Patients staying in double or four-bed bedrooms are recommended to welcome visitors between 6 am to 10 pm to avoid disturbing other patients in the room. 

After 10 pm, visitors must first register at the nurse station. Once the visitation is approved by the patient, hospital staff will then accompany the visitor to the patient’s room. 


Visiting the Critical Care Units 

Visitation is only allowed from 9 am to 12 am and from 2 pm to 10 pm. Visitation is strictly prohibited during all other hours. 

Only two visitors will be allowed in a patient’s room at a time. 

Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to visit patients in critical care units unless it is a critical patient. In that case, visitation will be considered. 

Visitors are not permitted to eat, drink or stay overnight in the critical care units. 

Photography and videos are prohibited in the critical care department. 

Please avoid bringing flowers into the critical care units. 

Please refrain from using your mobile phone in the critical care units or surrounding area. 


Business Center 

The Business Center is a central point of information and contacts, providing support and help to all patients and their families with their travel documentation. This includes visa extension, clerical duties and other secretary support services. We are here to ensure that medical travelers admitted to Bumrungrad and their families are well assisted during their stay in Bangkok. Click here to learn more